References and our experience from the realization of great shows

Satisfied clients create our company's foundations. We always try to find a way to help you - our partners - as much as possible. We are proud that our clients are satisfied with us and entrust us with performances at their important events. We will give your event 100 % of our attention. You have our word.



The following figures show our founders' experience throughout their careers and Aliatrix data from 2019. Aliatrix is a young company, but we have gained expertise in many projects.



We have handled small, large, short, long-term, traditional, and unconventional projects with many clients. Join them. We will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.



This number is not accurate, we know. But hear us out. There are 13 of us, and each has been performing for an average of 6 years. That is 312 weeks. We train twice a week (some even daily), and our training sessions last 3 hours. That's how many hours we've dedicated to our development to make the performances perfect.



Our most experienced performers and founders have each performed over 700 shows! Reviewing our history took a lot of work, but the result was worth it.



We've been on stages since 2008, when we tried an unconventional hobby, through our first shows to megalomaniacal projects for audiences on three continents.


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We have clients on three continents. We are unafraid to travel the world and are ready to meet the most challenging requirements. Join our satisfied clients.

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What our clients value in our cooperation

We know that the performance is just the icing on the cake of our cooperation. We take a professional approach to the entire event process, from the first meetings and creating concepts to D-day.

"The final price has always matched the quality."
"We are independent, flexible, and reliable at the event."
"We deliver exactly what we agree on."
Safety always comes first.
We are your partners - always thinking of ways to elevate the event.
We are innovative and think "out of the box."
Daniel Hůlka
I am pleased about the performance that was part of my birthday concert in Lucerna. I enjoyed the show very much, not only for me but also for all my guests. And the audience? They were thrilled!
Šimon Pavúk
Owner of Student Zone
A fascinating light show and a very professional collaboration with the whole Aliatrix team.
Elizabeth Mulletson
We wanted a romantic yet energetic show. Aliatrix delivered this to a tee. Thanks to them. It was our big D-day.
Irena Müllerová
Assistant Director, CZ LOKO, a.s.
The performance of Aliatrix was excellent. They did everything they could to captivate the attendees and fulfilled the requirements. The collaboration was flawless and resolved even the slightest hitch.
Aneta Morová
Executive Director, One Planet One Business
The breathtaking action-packed fire show they performed for us was something words could not describe. You have to experience it! An event interspersed with choreography and pyrotechnic effects with professionals in the lead.
Jiří Peter
Producer and owner of JP & People
I appreciate the professionalism in preparing, producing, and communicating with the founder Michal Halačka. I recommend it to all who want to incorporate fire and light effects on a professional level into their project.
Michal Caban
Producer and co-owner of Cabani, s.r.o.
The production impressed me with its creativity, professional approach, and ability to adapt the output to specific requirements. I enjoy incorporating them into my multimedia projects.
Lenka Šimečková
Event manager, ARS Koncert
"Rays of happiness" illuminated the closing concert of the 20th International Petr Dvorský Festival. They were a genuinely spectacular cherry on top. Thank you!

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