New Year celebrations in Kitzbühel

New Year in the Austrian mountain town Kitzbühel was accompanied by a Rock Fire Show and Light Show. The entire program was complemented by a parade involving our Mirror Costumes.

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Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Town celebrations
  • Location: Austria
  • Team size: 4 light performers and an actor in a mirror costume.
  • Project preparation time: 1 week
  • Client: Kitzbühel Town

We spiced up the fire show with an extra dose of pyrotechnics and a three-headed flamethrower. In the light show, the artists displayed the symbol of Kitzbühel. It was a challenge to prepare everything so that the performers could safely travel directly from the New Year's Eve performances in the Czech Republic and have enough time to set up everything on the spot before the event. At the same time, the fire show was adapted to a small space due to the necessary safety restrictions.

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