Walking Acts

The visitors are supposed to enjoy every second of an event. We have expanded our portfolio with walking acts. Actors in eye-catching costumes entertain both children and adults.

General parameters
One set is 20 minutes long.
2 - 10 performers.
Looks wonderful on event promo materials.
We can add background music.

What kinds of events are walking acts suitable for?

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The advantage of walking acts is that the actors entertain visitors of your event even outside the main program. They can welcome guests, engage children, or promote other attractions.


Four sets of 20-minute walks are a standard, but every event is different, and we are happy to adjust it to fit your program.


Photo gallery

Laughter, joy, relaxation, and interest are emotions every organizer wants to see at their events. Professional performers in eye-catching and extravagant costumes can bring out all these emotions.

You can't go wrong whether you choose our headless or playful mirror couple for indoor walkabouts. For outside spaces, we recommend fire walking acts.

Contact us for a calculation and more information.

The service includes
  • A show manager to ensure smooth teamwork.
  • Exactly planned timetable, which we follow to the letter.
  • Professional and proactive performers.

We offer you the following walking acts

What can you expect?



Is the usual length of one block. We can, of course, change this interval by agreement.


Different sets of costumes

You can currently choose from 4 different costumes. We are already working hard on new ones.



Who we will be happy to bring to your event to entertain your visitors.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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