The Night of Mirrors

ProFeel is one of our regular clients. In autumn 2022, they chose us to produce another creative concept for a mirror-themed party. The main part was a light show in mirror costumes enhanced with programmable LED equipment. We also provided mirror hostesses, our mirror couple walking act, and mirror applications. We also premiered a new product - The mobile laser maze.

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Lucie Hirková
Event manager
What I like about working with Aliatrix is that the work is always done professionally, with attention to detail, and the team can respond to the current needs of the event.

Information about the event:

The event called "The Night of Mirrors" offered ample space for our creative team led by Tereza.

We have fully adjusted all our services to the theme of the event.

Our mirror hostesses greeted guests at the entrance and entertained them in the main hall and at the photo booth.

The event's highlight was the light show. For this performance, we decorated the performers' costumes with mirrors. The entire show was enhanced with LED programmable costume elements and laser effects.

The playful Mirror Couple entertained guests throughout the evening by taking photos with the visitors and dancing with them.

We spiced up the accompanying program with a mirror attraction based on a rotating mirror, creating a beautiful illusion of two people standing opposite each other.

The major accompanying program was the premiere of the Mobile Laser Maze. A program that thrilled visitors and awakened their playfulness and competitiveness.

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