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Tailored fire show

Every event is different and unique. That's why it deserves a show that fits into the program and creates the right mood. Can't choose from the offer of pre-made fire shows?

The burnout process - the way out of the black hole

Klára Lidová is a dancer and choreographer who studies, among other things, psychosomatic influences on the functioning of the body. In this article she describes her journey of coping with her own...

The choreographer's work - The best way to results

Klára Lidová - a petite woman with an immense soul and a smile that spreads all around her. Her approach to her work as a choreographer and team leader is truly inspiring. Balanced, calm, harmonious.

Hybrid event - Does the covid "invention" have potential to survive?

Hybrid events had the first impact on us during the global pandemic Covid-19. Does this form of event have the potential to continue in the future? Read the article and our opinion on this...

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