Projection mapping on artists

We are all familiar with projections onto a wall or a screen. What would you say to projecting your story directly onto the performers' costumes during a show?

General parameters
5 - 10 mins is the usual length of a performance. The projections themselves usually last around 2 - 3 minutes.
Our standard technology can project on one artist at a time. We can project on up to 4 artists simultaneously.
You will see all the preparations on animation sketches, which we then transform into the final projection.
The projections are prepared precisely to the background music. That will very positively enhance the final effect.

Where do the costume projections stand out?

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Indoor venues are ideal, but using high-quality projectors, it can also be performed outdoors. Significant stage blackout is required for maximum effect. 

From experience, the show is ideal for new product launches or company anniversary events. 

The show manager will discuss all the steps with you. You will be in contact often because we want the final projections to speak your language and convey your desired message and emotion.

Photo gallery

We can portray your whole story. Of course, we can include your logo in the projections as well as in the hands of the artists. 

Creating bespoke projections is time-consuming, so planning will be essential. If you need a last-minute show, we can prepare something simple but effective. 

The projection on Isis Wings is often combined with a light show but is not required. It can also be combined with other spectacular shows and elements.

The service includes
  • Consultation of your story.
  • Design of individual scenes from storyboard to final production.
  • Basic projector. (In case of larger scenes or more demanding space, we rent projectors.)

Technical information



That's roughly how much time we've spent creating bespoke projections for our clients so far.



Is the width of a space we can cover with our projector, but there's no limit to the imagination. We can also arrange the appropriate technology if required.



This is the luminosity of our projector, but we have also performed with a projector of 15,000 lumens.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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