New Year's Eve show with partner acrobatics and projections

A customized show for American Chance Casinos in a casino at the Austrian border. We used projections, LED costumes, and projections on performers' costumes for New Year's Eve. These two shows, three hours apart, were prepared to fit into a unified concept yet to be as different as possible.

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Photos from the New Year's Eve show

Photos from the show provide a closer look at the atmosphere of the whole project.

Adéla Vítková
Event manager, KPA ONE
Communication and the show - both were great! The audience enjoyed both light shows very much. Thanks! I definitely recommend them!

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: New Year's Eve show
  • Location: Austria
  • Budget: up to 2500 EUR
  • Team size: 5 artists and a technician.
  • Total project preparation time: 1 month
  • Client: KPA ONE, s.r.o.

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