Light Decorations

Light decorations can work independently or complement one of our shows. Spaced throughout the venue, they draw the audience into the action of the performance and enhance the experience.

General parameters
The decorations last up to 12 hours and therefore have sufficient capacity for your entire event.
Our technical team takes care of the decorations. Everything is turnkey and worry-free.
Light decorations will fine-tune your visual concept to perfection. The photos and videos will be a joy to watch.
All decorations are programmable and can thus change their effects, for example to musical accompaniment.

Light decorations are suitable for:

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Light decorations stand out the most indoors. They are suitable for proms, corporate parties, and other celebrations.

Vases look great on guests' tables and as ambient catering decorations.

Programmable LED bars are especially popular as part of a light show. They enhance the experience of perfectly timed effects to the music. They can also be used as decorative lighting in the venue throughout the evening.

We prepare concepts that go beyond a simple stage show. We offer a way to take your entire event to the next level. 

We make and develop light decorations ourselves, so we don’t offer only bars and vases. We will be happy to create completely customized decorations. 

How about programmable LED chandeliers? Or perhaps ambient decorations at the entrance to an event? 

There are no limits to your imagination. We will prepare the overall concept for you. Use the full potential of our programmable LED effects.

The service includes
  • Installation and de-installation of equipment.
  • A technician will take care of everything needed during the event.
  • Ability to control the light effects "live" and react to what is happening on stage.

LED Decorations variants

Behind the scenes


Pieces of equipment

That’s how many we have immediately available for rent. With this number, we can light up the entire hall.



Are waiting for our technical team to insert them into custom light decorations for your event.


Meters of LED strips

That's 21,000 LED lights that can light up any construction we create together.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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