Unis Anniversary

Unis celebrated its 30th anniversary. This Brno-based company entrusted us with a crucial part of its program. We prepared a tailor-made light show with projections on artists' costumes, Special LED Hostesses with illuminated welcome drink tables, Programmable LED Vases, a UV show, and an Interactive Photo Booth.

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Renata Pokorná
We were interested in a light show. Michal and I planned the accompanying program for our entire event. I was fascinated by the creativity of the team and their willingness to help.

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Company Anniversary
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 45 000 EUR
  • Team size: 6 light performers, 4 hostesses, a videographer, two photographers, 3 technicians, and a show manager.
  • Total preparation time: 3 months
  • Client: Unis

The main task was to prepare a light show directly connected to Unis. We created projections that reflected the main activities of the company and its 30 years of development. We also used LED decorations, LED vases, and programmable light chandeliers in the main show. We achieved a complex dynamic look of the hall and involved the audience in the show's atmosphere.

We also prepared an opening show for the event to focus on UV effects. The goal was to make both shows stand out differently.

As an accompanying program, we prepared LED hostesses that glowed in the company's colors. The main attraction was the Interactive Photo Booth, with the client's chosen motifs. The dominant element was the company logo. Hundreds of photographs were created that night as a memory of the event.

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