Special LED Hostesses

Your visitors will love to take pictures with these LED hostesses Professional, smiling, and dressed in the colors of your event. Costume effects can highlight important event milestones, and any LED effects can be changed live! Entertain guests at your event from the very first seconds.

General parameters
Precise timing by the present manager.
1-10 hostesses.
Striking hostesses that guests love to take photos with.
LED effects can change to music.

Glowing hostesses highlight many types of events

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Do you want to welcome your guests to the event in a unique way? Do you have an interesting accompanying program at the event where you want people to stop by? Our glowing hostesses are also perfect.

Photo gallery

You can also take advantage of illuminated tables. Welcome drink will stand out, and from the hands of the beautiful hostesses in the colors of your event, it will taste great too.

Selected visitors can control the hostesses' color effects live, and costumes can, of course, be customized to suit specific milestones of your event. They can respond to applause, or we can select one main color to represent your brand.

The service includes
  • A manager who takes care of everything so you can get on with more pleasant duties.
  • Pre-defined color scheme and the ability to change the effects during the evening.
  • Illuminated tables for the welcome drink.
  • Professional approach and maximum quality.

Professional approach and maximum quality


Hours of light

The hostess costumes will not let you down at any event.


LED lights

Our hostesses shine. Do we need to make them even more striking? We'll make a costume that can have up to 1000 LED lights



Our hostesses are also suitable for international events. English, Czech, and German. Need a specific language? Let us know, and we'll work it out.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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