Bricks restaurant - Summer Party for VIP guests

LED Hostesses with Welcome Drink Tables, Fire Show, Mirror Couple, and Programmable LED Vases. We have prepared another tailored program for the beautiful Bricks restaurant near Prague's Charles Bridge. We combined both: a show and an accompanying program.

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Emily Balušíková
Restaurant manager
The cooperation was top-notch from the first contact, recommending a suitable program until the final realization. I especially appreciate the speed, professionalism, and willingness to help us. Thank you.

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: VIP Party
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 4500 EUR
  • Team size: 2 fire performers, 2 hostesses, 2 actors in mirror costumes, 1 show manager
  • Total preparation time: 2 weeks
  • Client: Restaurant Bricks Prague

Our main task was to prepare a program that would be the core part of the event for VIP guests after the reopening of one of Prague's luxurious restaurants.

The main challenge was to adapt our Rock Fire Show to fit into a small space. We matched the LED hostesses with the restaurant's colors and the tables for welcome drinks.

The Mirror Couple entertained guests in three 15-minute entrances. The guest tables were decorated with Programmable LED vases, which we incorporated into the fire show.

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