Mirror Couple

Please get to know our comical characters: a flirty woman and a bit jealous man. Invite them to your event. Everyone loves to take pictures with them! They'll entertain children and adults alike and ensure the visitors enjoy every second of the event.

General parameters
15-minute walking acts that repeat several times during the evening.
2 costumes ready for your event. Need more? Contact us.
Visitors love to take photos with the couple, creating many memories of your event.
The mirror couple entertains people on the dance floor and throughout the whole event venue.

Where do mirror costumes stand out the most?

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Suppose you have a longer event with moments without a program and would like to give your visitors additional entertainment. In that case, the mirror couple is a great choice. They welcome visitors to the event, interact with them in a fun way, and take photos with them. What exactly their role will be is up to our agreement. We're open to anything. :)

Photo gallery

Mirror costumes combine well with light shows. Mirrors reflect light very effectively, creating a spectacular visual effect.

Are you interested in mirror costumes? Contact us.

The service includes
  • 2 actors in mirror costumes.
  • A show manager who handles everything for you.
  • 4 sets of 15 minutes. Need more? Let's plan it together.

We have experience



Available for your event, but if you want more mirror family members, contact us.



The standard length for one set. How many sets will be at your event? That depends on our agreement.


European countries

Actors in mirror costumes love to travel, and we're excited to see how many countries they'll visit.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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