Viking Line Show Tour - Finland & Sweden

For five weeks, cruise ships Gabriella and Amorella became a temporary home for two 4-member teams. The entertainers performed two kinds of light shows, including video projections. The whole program was complemented by walking acts during the evening.

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Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Cruise ship
  • Location: Finland & Sweden
  • Budget: > 45 000 EUR
  • Team size: 8 light performers
  • Project preparation time: 1 month
  • Client: Viking Line

Five weeks, two teams, and a total of 40 light shows. We performed our Light Show with LED costumes and LED Show with Projections, with customized projections mapped onto a UV backdrop.

We also set up walking acts to entertain guests during the evening. A Mirror couple and a Headless couple walked around the ship three times a day and entertained the visitors with professional animation.

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