LED Show With Projections

A majestic show with a touch of divine elegance and moments of apprehension. This show combines refined, magnificent costumes with modern effects, showing pride in our art. Moments of tension culminate in a breathtaking show that perfectly blends power and beauty.

General parameters
10 minutes
3-5 performers
We can arrange a professional video recording for your use.
Perfectly timed light effects accompany modern music.

Light show with projections is suitable for:

#Gala evening #Wedding #New product launch #Corporate party #Ball #Annual events

Indoor spaces with the possibility to place a projection backdrop are ideal. If placing the backdrop isn't possible, we project it onto the performers' costumes.

Although the show includes extravagant costumes, its suitability is not limited. The combination of modern music and these costumes is attractive and versatile.

Photo gallery

Extravagant costumes were created especially for a show tour in Scandinavia. Modern technology, projections, and your logo accompany male power, romance, and antique fairies. 

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The service includes
  • A show manager who will make sure that the preparations and performances go as planned.
  • Unique, eye-catching costumes.
  • Display your logo in the show.
  • Custom projections.

Basic information



The luminosity of our projectors. For larger events, we can arrange more powerful projectors.


Hours before the event

We will be at your event much earlier as we must set up the projector and map the space.


Members of the projection team

Who can prepare entirely custom projections, including, for example, the history of your company and other important events.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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