Unconventional Festival Witzenmann

Together with ProFeel Agency we organized an unusual festival for a company from North Moravia. Over 70 artists entertained more than 1500 visitors to the event.

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Information About the Event:

  • Purpose: Company family day
  • Location: Czech republic
  • Budget: up to 42 000 EUR
  • Team size: 72 artists, assistants, technicians and managers
  • Project preparation: 3 months
  • Client: Profeel Agency

The task was to prepare an unconventional Family Day, which was attended by about 500 children and 1000 adults. Together with ProFeel, we prepared the whole concept from the first idea and stake in the ground to the final closing of the area. 

We were in charge of the creative and artistic part. 

In addition to our fellow professional artists’ performances, we performed our tribal drum show together with the awesome Groove Army. Our mirror couple walked around the area, kids and adults enjoyed our laser maze and we taught the basics of juggling in the circus tent. 

The whole event had a very special and positive atmosphere and we are so happy that both us and the client enjoyed it.

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