Pyrotechnical Catherine Wheel

We use this dazzling pyrotechnic effect mainly at the end of fire shows. The whole effect is controlled remotely using a technology we have developed. It can be used for pyrotechnical bursts precise to a hundredth of a second to music and prepared choreographies.

General parameters
The maximum duration of the effect is 60 seconds.
It can be used as a special effect, but we recommend using it together with the performers.
Beautiful visual effect.
We program the effect precisely to the music of the performance to accentuate the effect.

The Catherine Wheel is suitable for

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The effect can be realized mainly in outdoor spaces due to the size of this effect. It is possible to implement it indoors, but strict safety conditions must be met. Are you not sure if the Catherine Wheel is suitable for your event? Contact us, and we will discuss everything with you free of charge.


Safe pyrotechnic cartridges with a range of effect from 3 to 8 meters are used to move the "Catherine wheel." It is an effect suitable for smaller and larger events, as the width of the effect is customizable from six to sixteen meters in diameter.

The service includes
  • Pyrotechnic cartridges by prior arrangement.
  • Professional operation of the device.
  • Incorporation into our fire show.

We have experience



The duration of the effect.



Maximum spiral diameter.



We can cover even the largest stages as we have two Catherine Wheel devices.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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