Street Music Festival - Satu Mare

At the Street Art Festival in Satu Mare in Romania, we performed a Tribal Fire Show with flamethrowers and a good dose of pyrotechnics. It was an incredible experience for us. The people in the audience were fantastic, and we won second place in the festival competition.

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Photos from Street Music Festival

Szenas Zalan
Main organizer
We were choosing from artists from all over Europe, and we are glad we chose Aliatrix. Their show was a huge success and was awarded as one of the best shows of the whole event.

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Festival
  • Location: Romania
  • Budget: up to 8500 EUR
  • Team size: 4 artists
  • Total preparation time: 2 weeks
  • Client: Street Music Festival

For the festival, we chose the tribal drum show, which we enhanced with ground flamethrowers and fire decorations. An interesting feature was the changing of stages. We performed at three locations in one day with little time to relocate. Good coordination between the performers and the technical team was necessary to make everything work as planned.

We enjoyed the event and look forward to the following year. This festival is worth traveling and discovering Romania.

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