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A tailor-made program for a themed event in Prague. For the ProFeel Agency, we have prepared a video mapping show in unique Alien costumes, LED Hostesses, Programmable LED vases, and customized light costumes. Our main specialization is organizing customized programs for events. We are glad that ProFeel Agency has entrusted us with entertainment for their guests.

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Lucie Hirková
Event manager
I was delighted with the approach to cooperation from preparation to execution. Professional work and a fantastic experience!

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Business event
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 6500 EUR
  • Team size: 2 light artists, 4 hostesses, a projection technician, and a show manager.
  • Project preparation time: 2 months
  • Client: Profeel Agency

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