Projection show for Linet

We really enjoy tailor-made corporate parties. Linet prepared an event with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. How did we handle the task? Take a look at the reference.

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Lucie Dvořáková
Event manager
Everything was fantastic - the music, the graphics, the story. Overall, a perfect light show. If you want a unique and customized program for your event, contact Aliatrix. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
  • Purpose: Corporate event
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 2800 EUR
  • Team size: 3 light artists, 1 projection technician, 1 set designer
  • Total preparation time: 1 week
  • Client: Linet


For the event, we combined a light show, a projection show and projections on our installed backdrops. The main goal was to turn the main stage wall into an abstract colorful surface and highlight the company logo in the show.

In the projection show, we used projection on costumes, which clients generally like very much, because it creates a very unconventional way to convey the main message of the event to the visitors.


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