Anniversary of the International Music Festival

The client's wish was to incorporate classical ballet into a modern show. The creative director chose the theme "the experience of one's inner happiness" to base the entire storyline. The show included projections onto a tailor-made sail, used as a symbol of the Vltava River, accompanied by a classical aria from Bedřich Smetana's work of the same name. The show also used pyrotechnic effects, projections on the performers' costumes, CO2 effects, UV effects, contemporary dance techniques, and programmable LED technology.

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Photos from the Peter Dvorský Festival

Lenka Šimečková
Event manager, ARS Koncert
"Rays of Happiness" lit up the closing concert of the 20th annual Peter Dvorsky International Festival, a truly one-of-a-kind finale. Thank you!

Information About the Event:

  • Purpose: Annual event
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 6500 EUR
  • Team size: ten artists, two technicians, one set designer, one projection designer, and two choreographers.
  • Project preparation: four months
  • Client: ARS Koncert

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