Theater performance The Greatest Show - Live in Concert

An indoor fire show with a storyline based on The Greatest Show film. A unique project in Prague's Hybernia Theater featured two fire artists. A long-term project was introducing the energy of fire to the audience. It was one of the most significant effects of the whole show.

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Video from The Greatest Show - Live In Concert

Soak up the atmosphere from the video edit of the first performance of The Greatest Show - live in concert at the Hybernia Theater in Prague.

Jiří Peter
Producer and owner of JP & People
I appreciate the professionalism in the preparations, production, and communication with the leader Michal Halačka. I recommend them to everyone who wants to include fire and light effects professionally.

Information about the event:

  • Purpose: Theater performance
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Budget: up to 2500 EUR
  • Team size: 2 artists and a technician.
  • Total project preparation time: two weeks
  • Client: JP & People

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