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Every event is different and unique. That's why it deserves a show that fits into the program and creates the right mood. Can't choose from the offer of pre-made fire shows?

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Do you have a specific idea of what the show should look like? Or do you want to amaze your guests with something spectacular they won't see anywhere else? Read this article to find out how a tailored show is created and what aspects of the show can be customised.


Every show is designed to evoke a specific emotion, and the entire concept is based on it.

romantic wedding show belongs to a wedding, a hyped-up energetic show will brighten up a party and for a corporate event, you want to surprise the guests with unconventional effects focused on the branding of the company. When creating a show, the choice of the theme is the first and most important step that creates the basis of the entire visual. Various elements, from costumes and choreography to the technology used, are set into the show to reflect the theme. A high quality show is comprehensive, directs the viewer's attention in a specific way, is coherent and well thought out.

Creating a bespoke show, you need to consider the theme of the event, the level of formality, the type of audience (families? Business partners? 18+?), as well as the idea the organiser wants to convey to the participants. A fire show can reflect all this in different ways.


Performers don't just dance, they also act.

They immerse themselves in the role and involve expressions, emotions, interact with the audience and with each other. Although the story is often only hinted at in the show, it is important for the performers to know who they are representing when they walk on stage. A savage who worships the element of fire. A rocker who wants to get the party started. The girl in love who shows her feelings through partner choreography. It's important to make the action on stage believable, so that the audience can really immerse themselves in the performance.


Music also plays a big part in influencing emotions.

The choice of music for the show is one of the crucial aspects. It can not only support the story perfectly, but also explain and convey it to the viewer better. It can give emphasis to specific points of the show, highlight contrasts and gradation. A wild fire show is complemented by drums, a show for a club by dance songs, a futuristic show by modern electro music. Also, a different genre suits each event - slow love songs don't belong at a dance party, metal is probably not suitable for a formal party.

When creating a bespoke show, it's important that the client agrees with the chosen genre of music, so that it fits the theme of the event well and thus supports the overall atmosphere.


The choice of costumes is crucial for the whole visual.

Like the music, the costumes of the performers can emphasize the story, portray both elegance and wildness. Costumes for fire shows are made by professional designers who tailor them directly to the performers and the show. The choice of costumes and make-up plays a big role in the impression the whole show leaves on the audience. Even costumes can be tailored just for your event.


wedding decorations

LED bars? Fire hearts?

Different types of decorations can be added to the stage area, and for a spectacular show this is definitely desirable - whether it's fire or programmable LED backdrops. For weddings, fire hearts are a good choice to accentuate the romance. However, metal structures can be made in other shapes and sizes to create unusual fire and pyrotechnic decorations.

LED decorations can be placed on stage or directly among the audience. They will light up with different colors, precisely synchronized with music, making the audience feel like they are a part of what’s happening on stage. They add an unexpected element of surprise.

SFX of your choice

Fire show,corporate event

Even special SFX effects can be customized.

If you want more flamethrowers, smoke effects or a spectacular pyrotechnic ending in your performance, feel free to ask. Performers offer a large number of additional effects to spice up the show.

Ground and hand flamethrowers. Remotely controlled pyrotechnics placed on the ground, on a Catherine wheel, or perhaps directly on the performers' equipment. Smoke and CO2 machines. All of these can complement a fire show and turn it into an unforgettable experience for all spectators.

Incorporating logos and other graphics

Other types of technology can be involved in a fire show too!

Especially for corporate events such as parties, anniversary events, or new product launches, incorporating custom-designed graphics is highly desirable. It will wow guests, encourage them to remember your brand by mapping, and highlight important topics of the event. For weddings, for example, you can display the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding. How can graphics be displayed in a fire show?

Pixel poi

Images in the hands of the performers.

Using pixel poi technology, images of your choice can be uploaded directly into the equipment the performers are using in the show. This way, they can display logos, signs, or different thematic motifs during the choreography. A guaranteed wow effect that adds an icing on the cake at the end of the show.


Visual poi - mapping

Project onto canvas, decorations, or even directly onto the artists.

If you want to incorporate customized projections and videos into the show, that's possible too. The projection screen can be placed on stage behind the performers, but there is room for more creative solutions. For example, projections can be mapped onto decorations covered with white canvas, or onto costumes. A dancer spreads white wings that project your company's promotional materials, a video created by wedding guests as a surprise for the newlyweds, or themed graphics for a festival. The content is up to you.

Choosing the fire performance group and creating the show

"I want someone to create a bespoke show. How do I proceed?"

The first step is to choose a fire group that offers custom shows. If you're not sure if the group focuses on exactly what you'd like for your event, don't be afraid to contact them. When you call or meet with a sales representative, discuss everything and see if you can agree on a concept that works for you.

Story, costumes, effects - there's a lot, but you don't need to have a concrete idea beforehand on all the points we've outlined in this article. That's up to the professionals in the performance group. They will create the show and consult with you continuously about their ideas and thoughts. For you, all you have to do is agree on the direction the show is taking.

So don't hesitate to surprise your guests with a unique spectacle at your next event!

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