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We love to prepare turnkey projects. We can unleash our creative souls and make shows with stories related to specific people and experiences. How did the making of our first such project go? Read the article.

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Aliatrix is a visual entertainment agency that primarily creates unconventional, unique bespoke shows. The main focus is on the client's story, and the emotions conveyed to the audience. How did it all start? What was the impulse that decided the direction of the whole company?

1. Unique show

The D-Day was August 18, 2018.

After more than four months of communication and cooperation with the ARS Koncert Agency, the 1st unique show had a premiere. It was called "Rays of Happiness," and each individual's personal and inner happiness inspired it.

The main challenge for the Aliatrix creative team was to create a performance combining a modern dynamic light show with fire and pyrotechnic effects using classical music and ballet.

The artistic team is the basis for the success of every unique visual show

You can never achieve things alone, but with a good team, everyone can think of the highest goals.

For the International Festival by Petr Dvorský, the Aliatrix artists joined with amazing professional dancers.

Aliatrix co-owner Tereza Adamusová and the famous, purposeful ballet choreographer Pavla Harangová led the choreographies.

Michal Halačka handled all the connections between special effects, artists, and overall processes. He consulted the whole concept with an exceptional person and a great producer Michal Caban.

The experienced Ladislav Bína made the projections projected on the artists' costumes and the effect film.

And the last, most important component - the artistic team. It brought together both the members of Aliatrix and dancers from well-known Prague theaters. In total, ten artists were sharing the stage.

"I would like to thank the whole team so much. It was my first extensive experience. We were creating the systems, so not everything was perfect.

But the confidence that the whole team was on the same page and that everyone understood even the little problems that happened and still worked hard with the vision of a successful unique show gave us a tremendous amount of much-needed energy.

I feel proud. Team, I doff my cap for you!" says Michal Halačka

Idea, story, emotion

The purpose of the show is not just to showcase the latest technological equipment. One of the goals is to convey the idea and story, presenting the show's client. That's the reason to book a unique performance.

So, meeting the client in person and getting inspiration from the company and the project is essential.

The creative team strives to make the audience proud of the brand, showing them exactly what matters. It's not always easy, but if the communication between the team and the company representatives works well, there's always a way.

In the case of the Peter Dvorský Festival, the team was given creative freedom by our client. So it was possible to bring their ideas and personal impressions into the show.

Personal happiness

Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on the public appearance of every person, but that doesn't mean it makes us humans truly happy. Each person is unique, and happiness means something different to everyone. Therefore, the team wanted to avoid rephrasing the general reasons someone should be happy.

"It's important for everyone to realize that life is an extraordinary and unique opportunity and that we should always look for reasons to be happy and joyful rather than sad and negative." says the idea's author and the company's creative director, Tereza Adamusová.

Where is Aliatrix heading next?

As mentioned, August 18th 2018, marked a significant milestone for the entire Aliatrix company and a dream come true.

"We set out on a journey of giving joy to people. Because as the world's great showman P.T. Barnum said - The Noblest of Arts is Making Others Happy.

At the same time, we know very well that we can do great things and create world-class unique shows and visual projects with a good team. We take our work very seriously, and we put all of our skills and a piece of ourselves into every project. 

We want to be world-class, and we also want to make it enjoyable because, without individual passion, we would all burn down like paper. But we want to keep our team's inner fire burning and make them happy." Michal, Tereza, Bára, Markéta, and Matěj agreed - the whole core team of Aliatrix.

About the author

Michal Halačka
Michal Halačka

He has been in the world of show business since 2008. He has performed in more than 700 shows on three continents. During his career, he has become the vice-champion of the Czech Republic in fire performance and represented the Czech Republic in the International Juggling Association. Since 2015 he has been an actor at the Hybernia Theater. He is also a moderator who has been through several Czech radio stations and is currently a freelance. He is co-owner of Aliatrix, where he is not only the CEO but also co-creator of some big projects.

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