Pyrotechnic Heart

New for 2023, a special heart design filled with spectacular pyrotechnic effects. A WOW element that will take the newlyweds' breath away.

General parameters
60 sec long effect as a grand-finale of the show.
A special surprise for the groom, the bride and the wedding guests.
Both the photographer and videographer will have exclusive shots to the memories.
The effect is precisely programmed into the music.

Pyrotechnic hearts for the wedding show!

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This effect is new for the 2023 season, and we're excited to see how many events we can light up with it. It is most suitable for weddings, anniversaries, and other love-themed events.

Are you preparing a gift for the newlyweds, or are you a groom or bride yourself? The pyrotechnic heart is just right for you. 

Contact us, and we'll consult a complex wedding show where we'll happily incorporate the pyrotechnic heart.


The pyrotechnic heart is one of the variants of our Pyrotechnical Catherine wheel

It is a 60 sec long effect that is mainly used at the end of a wedding show. It can also be combined with the classic fire heart. A skilled photographer can produce beautiful photographs with this effect, or we can arrange for our photographer to include the pyrotechnic heart in our wedding photography package.

The service includes
  • 60 sec long effect.
  • 150 cm pyrotechnic heart construction.
  • A technician.

Technical information



Is the height of the heart itself. This is a massive effect to end the wedding show.



The whole structure is on a 3m high stand. So everyone will definitely see the effect, regardless of where they stand.


Pyrotechnic cartridges

The whole effect consists of 6 cartridges with a spark length of 3m. The whole heart will be filled with sparks.

A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

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