Lightshow With Acrobatics

A combination of dance, customized projections, modern LED equipment, and acrobatics. A beautiful performance of 7 women combining many styles into one unified concept.

General parameters
13-minute long performance.
7 women of many performing arts styles.
Projections can be completely customized.
Possibility to include a favorite song.

A great show to satisfy high demands

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The Lightshow With Acrobatics is an excellent choice for events where you don't want to compromise. 7 performers are suitable for larger events requiring a striking effect.

The LED wall is not required; the show can only be performed with projections on the artists' costumes. 

If you want us to use the LED screen, a stage without distracting elements (cables, musical instruments, lecterns, etc.) is required.

We will happily create customized projections for you, but it will take more time to prepare than preset projections. Ideally, the first consultation should be 6 weeks before the event.

Photo gallery

This show contains many effects and human skills. The basis is a light show, complemented by projections on both the LED screen and the performers' costumes.

The artistic part includes partner acrobatics by two talented women, 4 dancers, and 3 light performers in LED costumes. 

Of course, your logo is displayed in the hands of the performers and the prepared projections. 

The show looks even more magnificent when accompanied by LED decorations that we install along the hall and LED vases that draw the audience into the action.

The service includes
  • A logo and other symbols are in the hands of the artists and in projections.
  • Precise partner acrobatics.
  • Projections on a LED screen and performers' costumes.
  • 7 talented women.

Technical information



Diagonally. The maximum size of the projection area can be handled by a projector designed for this show.



Minimum ceiling height to allow our acrobats to perform their best tricks.


Talented women

who combine dance, acrobatics, and flow arts.


A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

Type of event

Show space

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