Handheld flamethrowers

An impressive fire effect in the form of a flame several meters high, which is guaranteed to excite spectators at any kind of event.

General parameters
The cartridges have enough power for 60 seconds of continuous flame.
Perfect as part of a show or fire walking act.
Suitable for shooting video clips and show reels.
They look great in the photos and videos from the event.

What types of events are handheld flamethrowers suitable for?

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This effect is suitable for the stage as well as for welcoming guests to your event. The device itself looks megalomaniacal and there is no one who won't say "wow" when the fire sizzles. Thanks to its easy handling, it can be a very attractive addition to your events even in smaller spaces.

They stand out best as part of one of our fire shows. We also offer flamethrowers as part of our fire walking acts, where our performers can walk right amongst the visitors, take photos with them and get them properly fired up before entering the event.

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Fire can arouse wonder, enthusiasm and convey its untamed energy. We are happy to bring this energy to your event. Do you have an idea how flamethrowers could be featured? There are no limits to your imagination! Contact us and together we'll figure out how to incorporate handheld flamethrowers into your event program.

The service includes
  • safety guarantee
  • up to 250 fire bursts
  • trained professional performers

Interesting facts



That's the height of the flame.


Fire bursts

Gas cartridges have a limited capacity, but can handle up to 250 short bursts per fill, or 60 seconds of continuous flame.


Handheld flamethrowers

Are immediately available for your event. Need more? We will be happy to arrange it for you.

A show tailored for your event

We can use performance to highlight a message you want to send your guests. It will be an experience.

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